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Every |>Ced<| Member have to be active in forums and game.. If you cant say the reason... All who will not be active will get kicked...

Server share rules

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Server share rules Empty Server share rules

Post  Masta on Sat Sep 12, 2009 5:44 pm

tell us why u wanna have admin pass. please give a detail explanation on why you want admin. U mus be well known in Ced in order to have admin. server name |>Ced<| Reborn server ip do /connect if u have admin pass and give it to another player without permission you will be blacklisted. and you cannot apply for Ced for that reson. If you have questions ask mixxy or me. AND IF U ARE BLACKLISTED ON |NZ| SERVERS U MAY NOT APPLY TO Ced even to join clan.

ok have a nice day sunny

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