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Application - Tr1x13

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Application - Tr1x13 Empty Application - Tr1x13

Post  Tr1x13 on Sat May 22, 2010 3:41 pm

1. Name - Tr1x13

2. Age - 14

3. Fav Mode & Maps - TOSOK on ac_desert and CTF on ac_keller, ac_shine and slavemarket.

4. Fav Weapon - Shotgun & Sniper/Pistol

5. Previous &/or current clans - N/A

6. Why you want to join Clan - Because I want to become part of an awesome group of cubers [:big grin:]

7. How long you've played AC - 3 months

8. How often you are on AC - 1-2 hrs a day currently

9. Means of contact

10. How you heard about us - I saw some players and they looked really cool so i thought i'd look you up.

11. Where are you from - Australia, GMT +10


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