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Post  Zodiac on Mon Nov 02, 2009 8:43 pm

AC Name? ALE-G

Age? 13

How Long have you been playing AC? 11 Months

Location? Prague, Czech Republic

How Long do you Play A Day? about 1-2 hours

Past Clans? GoW, SUN, CTK, WAW. Hey, Mixxy and Masta remember me? It's KamiKaZe! Missed u guys Razz

What is your time zone(GMT)? GMT+1

Who Said About Our Forum? I know you guys Razz But also |>Ced<| is an awesome clan.

Why Do you want to Join? I see big things in |>Ced<| and want to help get them up there.

Thanks for your time guys, I can see their is room for work here, and I hope I am able to get in. And I am better then I used to be.
Again, thanks,


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Zodiac's App Empty Re: Zodiac's App

Post  Sky on Sun Dec 20, 2009 6:23 pm

hello Zodiac
Ced has recently died
and i'd like for u 2 help me remake it
we can be the leaders
see ya in game
Zodiac u can be in
ive seen u play bvefore 2,
and i know u r really good
u may add the tags
p.s. do u know how to make a website?
we need a new 1


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